Cannabis Goes High-Tech With This New 'Laser Vape' For Concentrates

Cannabis tech company Lumenary announced the release of the Beam, a laser diffuser and pocket-sized low-temperature dab rig platform for cannabis concentrates. This product uses laser light instead of traditional metal and electronics to heat solid extracts and viscous concentrates, promising a pure, instant and great-tasting experience without the e-waste from spent cartridges.

A New Era In Cannabis Consumption

The Beam's cutting-edge laser technology sets it apart from current devices that rely on resistive wire and metal. With three power settings below 400°F, the Beam eliminates the risk of heavy metal leaching or corrosion, a common issue with metal-based heating elements. This advancement ensures the safe preservation of terpenes, providing a cleaner and more flavorful experience.

Lumenary's co-founder and inventor, Robbie Schneider, emphasized the innovation behind the Beam: "Our team developed the Beam’s technology to emulate the sun's power with a laser, rather than heating with metal or wires which often leach heavy metals and taste bad. We’re proud to introduce the Beam as a platform for a suite of products using our revolutionary laser technology to deliver the cleanest and best-tasting experience possible."

The Beam's Unique Features

The Beam's instant and localized heating preserves the complete terpene profile, avoiding the loss associated with the slower, repeated gradient heating seen in other technologies. This efficiency not only enhances flavor but also ensures a more consistent and enjoyable user experience.

The platform will initially diffuse solid extracts and viscous materials in e-waste-free pods filled by legal extractors. Lumenary plans to expand the Beam’s capabilities to include pre-filled extract pods, dosage control and even dry material in the coming months and into 2025.

Limited Availability And Future Plans

Only 500 individually numbered "Founder’s Circle" devices will be available for now, making this an exclusive launch for early adopters.

Lumenary’s forward-thinking approach to cannabis consumption highlights its commitment to innovation and user safety. Schneider hinted at more exciting developments: "We’re looking forward to showing you what’s next."

As Lumenary paves the way for the future of cannabis consumption, the Beam stands out as a testament to the potential of laser technology in delivering a superior, eco-friendly experience.

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