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Welcome to our How-To/FAQ section! Designed to teach and assist, this section provides clear, step-by-step guides and answers to common questions, helping you quickly resolve any issues with the Beam.

Loading the Oil Core and Pod (Video)

Loading the Extract Core (Video)

Cleaning the Back End & Gasket (Video)

Cleaning the Laser Lens (Video)

Changing the power level (Video)

The laser is not firing.

  • Confirm that the Beam is charged and enabled.  

  • Remove and firmly re-attach the back end.

The vapor flow has slowed or stopped.

  • Confirm that the Beam is fully charged.

  • Hold the Beam with the window pointing downwards while inhaling.

  • Insert a fresh oil pod if it is empty.

  • Remove the black gasket from the back end, soak in alcohol, and run the brush thoroughly through its chambers. Condensate can clog the air channels, especially when using thicker oils.

  • Ensure that the black ceramic laser target in the core is intact. If broken, replace with a new core.

  • Multiple inhalations are sometimes required in order to produce vapor when using thicker extracts.

I taste something funky.

  • If experiencing a less-clean flavor, soak the core in alcohol for two hours or as needed to dissolve any remnant materials from the core and its airways.

The back end will not fit into the Beam.

  • Confirm that the flat side of the pod and the notch on the core are facing to the left of the back-end pocket.

  • Confirm that the hooks on the pod and oil core are properly aligned.

  • Confirm that the gasket is firmly seated in the back end.


  • You can soak the entire Back End of the Beam in alcohol, not just the gasket and cores.

  • Overfilling the Extract Core will cause it to need more cleaning and may yield smaller plumes.

  • Use the pointy side of the tool to remove material from the sides of the Extract Core, but be sure not to touch the black laser target.