White star icon on black background, representing light conducting heat, not metal.

Uses light to conduct heat, not metal.
Heats just the concentrate for the cleanest, most flavorful vapor.

Heats only concentrate for the purest, best tasting vapor.
White water drop on black background, representing "CLEAN" with no metal off-gassing or electronics marinating in concentrate.

No metal off-gassing or electronics marinating in concentrate.

The Beam Laser Diffusion Platform

The Beam's revolutionary patented laser technology instantly heats material using light, rather than metal or wires, for a clean, pure, and great tasting experience with no metallic aftertaste, leaching, or cart e-waste.

Prefilled solid extract pods, dosage control, and dry material heating technologies are coming soon. The Beam is a Class I laser product that is designed and assembled in Petaluma, California.

Other viscous non-nicotine products
Shatters and Waxes
Solid Extracts and Concentrates
Crystals (mashed)





Standard vapes often use metal coils containing heavy metals which can leach poisons when heated. Even ceramic coils contain wires which can leach chemicals into materials.
The Beam Uses Light to Heat Ceramic Instead of Metal or Wires.
Many vapes and dab rigs heat materials to temperatures high enough to convert terpenes into poisonous benzene.  
The Beam's 3 power settings heat materials to average temperatures of under 400°F.
Slow, heating ramp-ups ruin terpenes.
The Beam’s Instant Heating Preserves the Terpene Profile.
Standard carts leave residue at the end.
The Beam’s Ceramic Laser Target Soaks Up Each Tasty Drop of Material for full plumes until the end.
Standard vape cart tech involves throwing away metal, batteries, or both.
The Beam’s Pods Contain No E-Waste.
Many new technologies have high power needs.
The Beam’s Laser only fires while vaporizing, preserving power and material.
Generic cartridges can contain hazardous materials like Vitamin E.
The Beam’s Pods are licensed only To high-quality manufacturers.
Most portable dab rigs aren't very portable, get very hot during use, and/or require frequent charging.
The Beam easily fits in your pocket, Never gets hot, with long battery life on each power setting.


The first thing I noticed, apart from the big plumes, was how clean and pure the taste is. I love that this cleaner and highly evolved device is also discreetly portable.

Todd H

Los Angeles, CA.

What I like about the Beam is the pure flavor that it produces. Very smooth and not overheated.

Kevin Dunivan

Santa Cruz, CA

It’s like a much better Puffco Peak for your pocket.

Brad Bogus

Denver, CO
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The Science

What’s in vapes? Toxins, heavy metals, maybe radioactive polonium

E-cigarettes’ risk to health varies depending on many factors including which device or flavours are used, and how people use them.

Toxicant Formation from Terpenes Deconstructed

Through the evidence presented in this article, we will examine the relative levels of this breakdown products in dabbing when compared to cigarette smoke and exposure to traffic smog. It is fully possible to dab safely and without the generation of toxic chemicals, and the evidence used herein to prove this claim is derived entirely from the data published by the PSU study.

Toxic metal particles can be present in cannabis vapes even before the first use

Researchers have discovered that nano-sized toxic metal particles may be present in cannabis vaping liquids even before the vaping device is heated, and the effect is worse in unregulated products.

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