The Lumenary Story

Inventor Robbie Schneider was determined to find the best way to vaporize high-quality concentrates. Taking his first laser components from a disassembled Blu ray player, progressing from living room to basement to warehouse to laboratory, Robbie began a years-long quest to invent the first commercial laser vaporizer. With a passion that compensated for a lack of formal training, Robbie and lead engineers Jake Davidson and Sam Scheiner developed the patented technology behind The Beam and Lumenary’s line of laser vaporization products.

The Beam vaporizes solid and viscous concentrates using only the power of visible blue light, with no e-waste and no metal residue, corrosion, or terpene breakdown to compromise the pure taste and enjoyment of your materials.  The Beam is the best way to vape high-quality concentrates, designed and assembled in Petaluma, California by American craftspeople.